Our Place

What is better than relaxing and enjoying the day at the beach in one the world’s most beautiful islands?

Here at  Verde Safari Beach, you will enjoy El Nido away from the busy town…you can be in a secluded beach in Palawan that will allow you to just lounge, relax, and enjoy the sun and beach. For sunset lovers, enjoy a tranquil afternoon lounging at the beach while waiting for that magical orange sky.

If you think you can live for a few days without air-condition, wifi, and the usual city life then this place is for you. What we offer here is a relaxing and beach holiday away from the chaos and hassle of the city life.


Villa Verde Safari and Pagi Dive Center is located at Sitio Dagmay, Brgy. Teneguiban, 28 kilometers North of El Nido town proper. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes by motorbike, car/van.  The road from  El Nido town is  mostly cemented, the last [approx]  9 kms. is unpaved and hilly with a scenic view of the ocean and lush green forest. During rainy season, driving gets very challenging since the road gets damaged due to heavy rain that’s why it is recommended to rent/drive 4wd vehicles or vehicles suitable for off road driving.

We are in a secluded beach and far from the commercial establishments. Mobile phone signal and internet connection is limited. Public transportation is not available so you will need a private transportation going to our place.

The Beach

Verde Safari beach has a powdery soft sand so you can enjoy  strolling on the shore and swimming without worrying about stepping on some sharp stones and corals. You will enjoy a quiet, relaxing, and an almost exclusive beach atmosphere most of the time. The whole stretch of the beach is a public domain so sometimes there can be few people/villagers passing by outside the property line.


We are now operating a beachfront restaurant/bar to give our guests more dining options.

Power Source

There is no supply of electricity in our area. Our power source is a combination of Solar and generator which we use alternately depending on the time of the day and weather condition. We cannot guarantee a 24-hr supply of electricity that’s why we request everyone to minimize power usage at night since we are using solar power.

2 thoughts on “Our Place

  1. Hello, if we book in your hotel,how do we go to the town proper? And how do we go from El Nido town proper to the hotel on our arrival?


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